89th Field Ambulance main aid post of 13th April.

89th Field Ambulance main aid post of 13th April.

89th Field Ambulance main aid post of 13th April.

A photo taken from the car of the site of the main aid post used by 86th Brigade on 13th April. At this spot the 2/RF’s MO, Captain Fehilly, was killed by a shell on the 13th. It’s a reasonable bet that many casualties from 86th Brigade passed through this spot. Look out for the garage on the left hand side of the road. This site is immediately opposite on the right.

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  1. Barry Fox says:

    Nick, I didn’t realise you had replied until today. Thank you.
    The visit went very well indeed. Bob Findley (a brilliant guide whom I recommend strongly) took me to the places I wanted to visit including the site of the trench which he found for me (between Le Tir Anglais and La Papote) where Willis Fox was either gassed or shelled. It seems he was killed on the spot and was not taken to hospital. He also copied the sections of the war diaries directly connected with Willis.

    Another gt uncle was killed between Arleux and Oppy Wood. I got a great deal of information from the website of the Oxford Berks Light Infantry, which tells of the attack from the start of PAril to June 22 when they wewre relieved. This helped place the trench at Arleux in a historical context.

    I’ve tried to find the equivalent for the Royal Dublin Fusiliers for the Arras offensive until April28 when Harry Jelfs died, but they seem to have nothing comparable. I don’t suppose you know anywhere do you?

    If you do, will you reply to my e-mail, please

  2. Nick Powley says:

    Hi Barry – glad you found the web site useful & hope your visit goes well. If you want copies of any of the war diaries listed in the ‘sources’ section let me know and I’ll email them over. Regards, Nick

  3. Barry Fox says:

    Thank you for this. A relative of mine- Willis Fox MM — is buried in Cinq Rues Cemetery. Royal Dublin Fusiliers – formerly a sapper at Givenchy. I’m planning to visit Hazebrouck and the cemetery next June from Canada. This has given me valuable background information — and a picture of the hospital which he may have died in a month after the battle was over.

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