Lys 1 – Version 3

12th April – Morning

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  1. Nick Powley says:

    Hi – apologies for the late reply. In the sources section there’s a link to the Australian official histories. On the 12th they indicate that elements of the Australian 1st Division were sent to cover the Meteren to Merris gap, as this was seen as the priority area to defend. All the best, Nick

  2. John McElroy says:

    MY Great Uncle was Killed by a “Aerial Bomb” on the 12th April 1918…..he was part of the Australian’s of the 1st Division.
    Looking at the Maps I’m trying to understand where that might have been …I’m guessing near the location of Merris ?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    John McElroy

  3. rex fletcher says:

    Nick..my GGrandfather Samuel E fletcher 26681 16th Troop Grenadier Guards …he was captured ..he was reported missing the morning of 14th April 1918 later dying of wounds on the 17th

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