(1) Trench map 36ANE2 of May 1918.

A rare 1:20,000 scale map; rare because it shows the British & German positions as at the close of battle.

File Size 22.35Mb.



(2) Map 36ANE, Edition 6 of February 1918.

A 1:20,000 scale map of the main battle area. Of interest are the clear contour lines which show the clear advantage points of slight elevation. Eg: 20 & 30 Metre contour lines at Le Cornet Perdu, La Couronne and Merris/Outtersteene.

File size 5.1Mb.

Sheet 36A NE Feb 1918 Edition 6


(3) Map “Hazebrouck 5A”, 1915 Edition.

Large 1:100,000 scale map of the area, centred on Hazebrouck.

File size 8.3Mb.

Hazebrouck 5A 1915


(4) Map “The German Offensive On The Lys, April 1918.” Large scale 1:100,000 map showing the ‘before and after’ allied and German front line positions.

File size 4.8Mb.

German Lys Offensive April 1918