British Units Involved In The Battle.

The official Record of Battles & Engagements defines the scope of the British units taking part in the Battle Of Hazebrouck as being those of I, XI and XV Corps of the First and Second Armies.

Time span.

The time period analysed is the morning of the 12th April to the close of the 13th April. Although the battle officially continued into the 15th, all major unit movements completed by the close of the 13th and arguably the outcome of the battle was decided.


“The Overview” –  This Analyses Corps, Division & Brigade Level Dispositions.

Focussing on XI and XV Corps units in the centre of the battlefield, this overview illustrates how the battle progressed between the morning of the 12th April and the night of 13th April.

This overview presents a “tidied-up” version of the order of battle. This is purely to get across a simple picture of the disposition and movement of major units. The reality was more complex. As the Official History says of the 12th April, “(the troops were) tired & intermixed … during the greater part of the day the front line was not continuous, parts were constantly shifting …. Divisional staffs did not know at any moment of time how the front line was situated…”

(Photograph: High ground at Merris from Bleu. October 2008.)